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Common Sense is NOT Common Practice

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Stand out from the crowd. Enjoy Rhonda’s latest light-hearted, common sense-moments in this easy to read book. Ask yourself if you are following common sense or common practice.

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Getting Things Done: Keys to Communication, Sales & Service.

Getting Things Done: Keys to Communication, Sales & Service. To be successful and to get things done you must be thoroughly prepared. This collection of interviews from some of North America’s top experts (including Rhonda) is for those who are striving for excellence.

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Communication Strategies That Work

“No theoretical principles here. You get Real-World strategies from experts who work in the trenches day-in and day-out! A power-packed collection of insights and strategies from professionals who make a difference in America each and every day! Featuring Rhonda Scharf ”

“When it comes to essential topics like communication, businesses all across America are looking for relevant, cutting-edge, “real-world” solutions to help them succeed. ” Real World Communication Strategies That Work “Showcases the strategies, insights, and inspiration from 13 experts whose client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ in American business.
So, dig in and start applying the lessons from these dynamic professionals.”

“This book offers a variety of themes in the area of Communication Strategies. It is ripe with “good stuff”, as an old friend of mine used to say. Inside these pages you’ll find ideas, insights, strategies and philosophies that are working with real people, in real companies and under real circumstances” … Russ Hollingsworth, Publisher”

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Word Trippers

Barbara McNichol specializes in helping people find the perfect words and avoid mistakes in everything they write. Together Barbara and Rhonda have made it easy to find the exact right word you need. This easy to search guide includes 300+ everyday word pairings that cause confusion (e.g. further vs farther or except vs accept) with examples that make selecting the right word fast and easy. Special Canadian edition!

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Special: $20 + HST & Shipping/Handling

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